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  1. Posted by abuckel54, — Reply

    It's unique but like many comments here...texture paint is not washable, and there will be a lot of scraping when you want to change your wall!

  2. Posted by kamana83, — Reply

    Textured walls suck. My kitchen is subway tile texture right into the plaster the walls are built with.. gotta love homes built before drywall.. cant change anything in my kitchen unless I tear down super dusty plaster.. uhg..

  3. Posted by tmacn048gmailna, — Reply

    🤔🧐👀so you would have to paint a lil at a time cause then do design as soon as done..u know this looks like a different kind of paint notice the thickness..n moistness...what kind of paint is this called??!??

  4. Posted by KerryNFlores, — Reply

    LOL. I just know that's the way how to make a pattern wall. My brain trick me. I though it was created by some advanced tools. Well, I don't really intend to have such pattern wall, I prefer plain one. Either way, pattern wall has a risk, like hard to clean it, so far as I know. 😔

  5. Posted by do7987, — Reply

    That is all over the place. It goes from large and wide to small and compact. Try a wallpaper instead.

  6. Posted by csharrison51, — Reply

    Have textured walls in my kitchen. Impossible to clean. Why clean? Dirt accumulates in every nook and cranny.

  7. Posted by do7987, — Reply

    Maybe draw it out first and go over the lines to keep it even. Just me, I love symmetry! Go Denzel!!!

  8. Posted by aartisian, — Reply

    Try cleaning a textured wall without messing it up. No thanks, been there, done that.

  9. Posted by leeannazahn, — Reply

    In 20 years, the next Joanna Gaines is gonna make bank removing all this stuff

  10. Posted by 1b1121, — Reply

    Does this make anyone else dizzy? I can't look at that texture... lol!!!

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