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    They have online recipes for nontoxic disinfectants. I used alcohol, dawn, and water with some drops of tree oil. It cleans very efficiently! And is an easy thing to use in container with half roll of paper towels.

  2. Posted by dacklin, — Reply

    Oh my goodness it’s a PIN that someone might get benefit from like me, who has a cleaning company and we use a wide variety of cleaning goods based on our customers preference. So this is an ideal way for us to store and do inventory.

  3. Posted by Albie_the_dragon, — Reply

    Don’t bother stocking up on bleach as it degrades too fast and becomes useless. Also, yuck bleach. And make sure you LOCK this if any children come into your home. By the way, this cancer cupboard can be replaced with white vinegar so 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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    Who’s to say this was all bought at one time? Coupons? Things on sale ? Maybe the person who post this cleans an office that orders these things? Maybe she just wants to show how she organizes. That’s the problem with people. So damn judgmental and negative.

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    I am very conservative on use of how much of disinfectant I used to make it last longer and have less problems with fumes , and vacuum every week thoroughly carpeted areas of home.

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    Now fell off toilet after fainting and ambulance came and doctor said not only low sodium and really bad Impacted Fecal matter in intestines.

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    Now being COMPULSIVE in cleaning with no help from husband, With my kind of poor balance type of Parkinson’s I have broken down 2 weeks ago. Yes and I now am struggling with Fecal Impaction. This is my fourth time getting this and just have to take all kinds of yucky stuff and use suppositories.

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    I like the way this is organized and I used Lysol disinfectant and Clorox wipes and keep sanitizing we’ll both toilets with Lysol Power bowl. Keep laundry up and deep floors and use very hot water with vinegar whenever I mop, about once a week.

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    My husband went out and stocked up on most cleaning things and a lot of TP. Costco is great place for TP and gets their Kirkland brand!

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    I have always told my husband , organizing is my worst subject. And always keep house and laundry clean. But never been as my mother and sister who keep a meticulous house.

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